How can I pay for a funeral?  

At HealyBrothers we constantly re-invest in our company. This is why we can give our customers the latest fleets, offices, chapel of repose, uniformed trained staff, all the things that give our company a great foundation to build on.

Although we give this high standard of service, it doesn’t mean we can’t provide for every budget. Every funeral can be tailored for your needs or budget. We also can help with DSS forms and advice come the time of payment. Other companies may say we are the dearest firm, but this is not true. Unlike them we go out of our way for our customers. We constantly reassure our families that if they have any concerns that they can call us and they might actually be surprised how affordable a funeral can be, without compromising on quality. 

If you wish to enquire about a pre-paid plan give us a call or fill in our enquiry form.


Pre-paid Funerals

It has become very popular for people today to plan their funeral in advance. This means that they can leave their love ones without the burden of their funeral expenses when they pass.

When you make an appointment to arrange your funeral plan, you are treated with the upmost respect by one of our arrangers. They will guide you through the different steps needed to carry out your own personal funeral. 


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