When a Death Occurs

HealyBrother’s (Healy’s) is a name that within its own community and quite often further, is used to describe a quality service. The company name and standard is quite often envied by other firms. This standard has been installed throughout the 5 generations of our family, constantly remembering that every family deserves the best service and personal attention that we can give them.

Arranging the funeral 

When you experience a death for the first time, it can be hard to know which way to turn, everything can seem dark, cloudy and can make you feel lost. That's where a simple call to Healy Brothers can alleviate any of these concerns.

The first thing to do at the time of a death is to phone Healy Brothers.

From here we will simply take over if you wish. Once you meet one of our Funeral Directors, they will set about arranging everything as you see fit. Every funeral is different, so there is no need to worry about any requests that you may have. It may be a wake at home or a wake at one of our Funeral Homes or maybe even a private service. Our funeral Director will contact all relevant bodies eg Churches, Cemeteries, Crematoria, Ministers, Newspapers. We can even arrange the coffin spray for the top of the coffin.


If your opting for burial our Funeral Director will guide you through the process without any stress.

  1. You may have an existing grave. If this is the case bring your grave deeds along to our office when your meeting our Funeral director. They will organise to have the grave opened on the day of tne funeral and will pay a disembursement to have the grave opened.
  2. You may want to purchase a new Grave. Our Funeral Director will advise you on available Cemetries and also will arrange any appointments on your behalf. The most common Cemeteries with available plots are Milltown, Blaris (Lisburn) and Roselawn Cemetery.
  3. Please note that other cemeteries may be available depending on Deceased place of residence. Cremation.

If you decide cremation our Funeral Director will help you with the relevant forms. They will organise the booking of any times at the Crematorium first and will then liase with the church. We will also organise the disbursement for the doctors on your behalf. 

Where the Death Occurred

At Home If the death happens at home phone Healy Brothers. We will advise you whether to phone the local G.P or the on -call Doctor. Once the doctor has attended, then we can bring your love one into our care. It is worth while to advise the doctor whether you are thinking of Burial or Cremation at this time.


At a Hospital or Nursing Home

Once again the first thing is to contact Healy Brothers. They will advise you at the time. Most hospitals will have doctors present at the time so they should be able to issue the relevant paperwork. The nurses at the Nursing Home will contact the doctor for you. Once again tell them whether your thinking Burial or Cremation.


Sudden Death

This is when the death is unexpected. The Coroner will be informed. Its best at this time to contact Healy Brothers and they will guide you at this time.


Dressing the Deceased

Own Clothes.

This is normally an outfit that is provided by the family. It may be a suit or a favourite outfit your loved one always wore. This can make the deceased look more familiar if you wish to view.

Traditional Shroud. This is a robe with a religious badge on the front.

Special requests

Always contact us to discuss any special requests. Eg Hairdressers, barbers etc