The Deceased

The Deceased

While the above procedures are taking place, it is essential that the deceased is cared for. With death at home, if you are using a funeral director, he or she should be called as soon as possible. They will remove the deceased and complete laying out and possibly embalming. The deceased may remain at their Chapel of Rest or may be returned home, should you so wish. If the death was in hospital, the staff usually complete laying out and your funeral director will collect the deceased and carry out your instructions.

If you are not using a funeral director, and the death occurs at home, you may complete laying out, or have this done by a district nurse or some other person. The deceased can remain at home and must be kept as cool as possible. Your local mortuary, cemetery or crematorium may have facilities to hold the deceased pending the funeral. If the death was in hospital, the deceased will be taken to the hospital mortuary. You can collect the deceased yourself, provided you have a coffin and suitable transport. You can keep the deceased at home, or you may be able to use the mortuary until the day of the funeral.

These arrangements are not mandatory and can be varied in accordance with ethnic or other needs.

Death abroad

Refer to your Local Burial Authority or Funeral Director for further advice.


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