Accidental Death

Coroner (Sudden or Accidental Death)

If the death was sudden or due to an accident, or no doctor had attended for some time, the Coroner must be informed. On some occasions the Registrar of Births and Deaths may also report the death to the Coroner. The Coroner will decide whether to hold a post-mortem and/or an inquest. As most cases are found to be due to natural causes, inquests are rarely required. The Coroner will then notify the Registrar that the death can be registered. The person registering the death will need to visit the Registrar to do this. The Coroner’s Officer will keep this person informed about what to do. As these arrangements may cause delay, you should not arrange the funeral until authorised by the Coroner’s Officer. The Coroner will issue an Order for Burial (white certificate) or for Cremation (yellow certificate) without charge. The certificate should be given to your funeral director or sent to the cemetery or crematorium as soon as possible.

Funeral Directors


When arranging the funeral you are not obliged to use the funeral director appointed by the Coroner to transport the deceased. You can choose your own funeral director, or do the funeral without one, as you so wish.


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